In the Neighbourhood

With a strong future in place at Hastings Park, the PNE is committed to positively impacting the neighbourhood it has been part of for 100 years.

The PNE partners with a variety of local schools, sport groups, and non-profit organizations. For example, the PNE donates a significant number of tickets to schools in the Hastings Sunrise area in support of a variety of their initiatives, from fundraising to student leadership and provides complimentary space and support for a variety of events coordinated by neighbourhood groups.

The PNE welcomes and appreciates questions and comments from neighbours and will respond promptly to all calls and e-mails. Neighbours can contact the PNE’s Community Relations Manager, Kate Chong at 604-251-7708 or by emailing

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To learn more about the PNE’s involvement in the neighbourhood please view past electronic newsletters and The Pinwheel Pages, the PNE’s neighbourhood newsletter: