PNE 4-H Festival

August 15 – 19, 2014

Honoring the 100th Anniversary of 4-H in British Columbia is something that the PNE is proud to be a part of. Having celebrated this milestone ourselves a few short years ago we understand the pride and accomplishment that comes with reaching 100 years!

The theme of The Fair’s BC 4-H 100th Celebration is Generations of Youth in Agriculture


We are working hard on all the changes to the prizebook and hope to have them in the mail by the middle of April. Prizebooks will be mailed out to all ‘A’ leaders in the province as listed on registration forms with BC 4-H.

New and Notable in 2014

To celebrate the 100th Anniversary we will be kicking off the Festival by honoring the generations of families that have formed lasting legacies in the 4-H organization. The Opening Ceremonies in the Agrodome on August 16 will honor many of these families. If you know of a family with a long standing legacy in 4-H we want to hear about it! Please send us information on anyone you think we need to include in our presentation of Generations of Family through 100 years of 4-H. Emails can be sent to

Championship buckles are back!! Ever popular in 2010 during the PNE 100th Anniversary, we are bringing back the championship buckles for this special occasion.

Also back from the 2010 Fair will be the Alumni show! We had such fun watching past 4-H members young and
old(er) team up with a current member and their project to show us that they’ve still got what it takes. Champion senior showmanship winners are the judges creating another twist all together. The show will take place over two nights with different projects showing each evening on Saturday and Sunday. Registration details and show schedules will be posted in April.

Opportunities to help promote 4-H and volunteerism

A common question staff at the PNE get after 4-H leaves on Tuesday is why the barns are so empty and where have all the kids gone? Since this is a big year for 4-H we would like to showcase the program for the entire 15 days of our Fair but in order to do this we need the help of clubs and members after the 4-H Festival has come to a close.

The plan is to changeover a section of the barns into a 4-H display that looks similar to what it looks like while the 4-H Festival is going on. We would like to have one club from each section leave their stall decorations to be moved for this display and have animals remain onsite (under the care of PNE staff as our display animals are) to hold over the 4-H displays for the remainder of the Fair.

In conjunction with this we are offering an opportunity for members to gain recognized volunteer hours by returning to the Fair after the Festival closes to do a part day of ‘stall duty’ (mostly talking to the public and being present in the display area) and enjoy the rest of the day at the Fair. Please keep your eyes open for more information on this opportunity or email to offer your assistance in promoting 4-H for three times as long as we normally do!

Keep checking back for more updates!