A Taste of the PNE

A Taste of the PNE series continues with two more delicious dining experiences highlighting some of the province’s favourite flavours!

Join in the celebration of BC’s best bites, either at our intimate outdoor event, or stay in your car and get your grub to-go.


Choose your time slot (1-8pm): Saturday, August 1 and Sunday, August 2

Tickets must be purchased online for a specific time slot, and are not available for sale on site. Limited tickets are available per time slot per day. 

In accordance with Provincial health guidelines, please only travel with or attend with people from your social distancing circle, and be considerate of those around you by keeping a safe distance of 6 feet/2 meters.

Choose to Drive-Thru, or Dine-In

Your ticket supports local businesses

This event’s menu features items from Henry’s Chicken (and corn), Steve-Os’ deep fried KitKat Fries, Mars Bars, and Oreos, and Wiggle Chips from Tin Lizzy. For drinks, you can choose from Jackson-Triggs wines, Growers ciders, Stanley Park and Parallel 49 beer. *Be prepared to show 2 pieces of ID when picking up alcohol.


Dine-In Entertainment

Choose from the items below

À la carte menu

1/2 BBQ Chicken & Corn on the Cob from Henry's Chicken $16
Wiggle Chips from Tin Lizzy $8
Steve Os Deep Fried Desserts (KitKat Fries, Mars Bars, and Oreos) $8
Jackson-Triggs bottle of wine (red, white, rose) $18
6 packs of BC Stanley Park beer

Be prepared to show 2 pieces of ID when picking up.

6 packs of BC Growers cider

Be prepared to show 2 pieces of ID when picking up.

6 packs of BC Parallel 49 beer

Be prepared to show 2 pieces of ID when picking up.


Guidelines for a Safe Experience

Drive-Thru Edition

  1. Purchase tickets online, in advance.
  2. To comply with provincial health guidelines, please only travel to the event with your family/household unit, and remain in your vehicle.
  3. Enter the PNE site at Gate 14 (just west of Playland, off Hastings Street).
  4. Your ticket will be scanned (through your car window) by a staff member. Please remain in your vehicle.
  5. Proceed as directed to each of the pickup locations, showing your order form at each vendor that you have purchased items from.
  6. Once you have come to a complete stop, food truck staff will bring your order to the pick-up location in front of their unit.
  7. Please don’t gather on site. After collecting all your items, proceed west towards the exit.
  8. Enjoy your food in a safe manner. *Remember to wash or sanitize your hands first.


Share in the Celebration

We encourage you to wave your BC flag, and share your photos with #pnebcday