Summer Night Concerts Wristbands

Due to increased demand for FREE general admission seats during Summer Night Concerts, a new process has been put in place this year to make things easier for our guests.

Beginning at 2:00pm daily, timestamped wristbands will be available at no cost to guests wanting to see that night’s concert.

Wristbands will only be available at the Revelation ride booth, in front of the Corkscrew ride at the Northeast corner of Playland.

There are a set number of free seats available each night. Wristbands will be available on a first come first served basis. Only one (1) wristband will be issued per guest and they must be secured on your wrist by staff at the booth. You cannot take extras for friends and they may not be taken away from the booth to be put on later.

The first guests to receive wristbands will be let into the venue first. The last guests to receive wristbands will be let in venue last. The wristbands are timestamped. GUESTS DO NOT NEED TO WAIT IN LINE TO GET INTO THE VENUE. Their wristband secures their time of entry.  Simply return to the venue 10 minutes before the timestamp on your wristband.

Once all wristbands are given out, no additional free seats will be available in the venue. If you do not have a wristband or a reserved seat ticket, you will not be allowed into the venue.

The first group of wristbands will be allowed in at 6:00pm, followed by a 6:30pm group, 7:00pm group, and 7:30pm group (access times stamped on wristbands). ALL WRISTBANDS EXPIRE AT 8:00pm. After 8:00pm, you will only be allowed into the venue if capacity exists. Your wristband does not guarantee entry after 8:00pm. All concerts start at 8:30pm (except for the iHeartRadio music festival September 3 & 4).

We appreciate that with the popularity of the acts, some guests will not be able get into the venue to see the show of their choice. For that we apologize but the venue capacity is set by the fire department and we must legally comply with that limit.