This year’s PNE Fair is tastier than ever!

With over 65 vendors serving up everything from Squid Ink Corndogs (Little Coco’s Corndogs) to Poutine Perogies (International Perogies), there is something for everyone to enjoy…

Aside from your classic Fair food favourites like mini-donuts, pretzels, and deep-fried Mars Bars, there will be a huge variety of internationally-inspired bites to explore. Don’t miss your chance to try them all in one place at the 2022 PNE Fair.

Check out a few of our featured fusion favourites below. Want to know what else is on offer? Check out our full 2022 PNE Fair food menu.


Try These 10 Funky Fusion Foods at the PNE Fair

Must Try: Korean Squid Ink Corn Dog

From Little Coco’s Corn Dogs

Classic Fair food with a fusion twist. Go simple with the Classic Corndog, or try innovative Korean-inspired flavours like the Korean Squid Ink Corndog and the Korean Cornflake Dog. Coca-Cola soft drinks available.


Must Try: Cassava Chips

From Fijian Fusion

Fijian food highlights fused with global cuisines. Enjoy Halal Butter Chicken, Chickpea Curry, Chicken or Lamb Palau, Cassava Chips, Veggie Pakoras, Samosas, and more. Coca-Cola soft drinks available.

Must Try: Nashville Hot Un’Chkn Sando

From Plant Butcher

Vegans and veggie-lovers, have no fear! Plant Butcher has you covered for lunch in a big way. Think all plant-based BBQ and internationally inspired burgers and sandwiches. The Nashville Hot Un’Chkn Sando, Plant Poutine, and the Cheezy Mac Burger are just a few of the tasty, satisfying vegan options from the Plant Butcher!

Must Try: Strawberry Mango Icy

From Fusion Icy

Need something cool to sip on while you explore the Fair? Get creative with your refreshments with fresh, fruity bubble teas and icy-cold, fusion-inspired shaved ice treats

Must Try: Brisket Beef Pho Taco

From The Taco Tigre

Not your typical taco! Taco Tigre fills its tacos with international inspirations like the melt-in-your-mouth Beef Brisket Pho Taco, Lemon Grass Chicken Taco, 5 Spice Pork Belly Taco, Korean BBQ Beef Taco, or the Thai Chickpea & Potato Curry Taco. Coca-Cola soft drinks available.

Must Try: Cotton Candy Noodles

From Saltspring Noodle Bar

Frying up oodles of Asian-inspired noodle boxes. Popular noodle boxes include Sweet Home Teriyaki, Spicy Malaysian Peanut, Sweet & Spicy, and Bacon Teriyaki, as well as dairy/gluten-free options. You can even mix lunch and dessert with these crazy Cotton Candy Noodles! Coca-Cola soft drinks available.

Must Try: Japanese Aburi Cheese Corn

From Roasted Revolution

The revolution is coming… and it’s roasted to perfection. Revolutionize your taste buds with new roasted Corn-on-the-Cob inventions (e.g. Hot Cheetos Corn or the Japanese Aburi Corn) and Baked Potatoes topped however you like! Coca-Cola soft drinks available.

Must Try: Tokyo Street Dog

From Streetdogs and Burgers

The best part of visiting a new country is sampling the street food. Let the world come to you with street food faves like crazy Bacon Smashburgers, chunky Godzilla Fries, tasty Tokyo Street Dogs, and more. Coca-Cola soft drinks available.

Must Try: Poke Taco

From Aloha Poke

Lighter fare with West Coast flavour. Enjoy a fresh classic poke bowl or a colourful, crunchy poke taco. Kid’s bowls also available!

Must Try: Chimney Cakes with Ice Cream

From The Praguery

Save room for dessert…a traditional taste of Czech street food with a modern twist! The Praguery has perfected their Chimney Cakes, sugary and crispy on their own and great with toppings, too. Genius pairing: Chimney Cakes topped with ice cream and The Praguery’s smooth Cold Brew Coffee.