Tricks & Treats at Playland

Join us for some family-friendly fun!

October 29 & 30 | 12-4pm

This brand new experience is ideal for kids and scaredy-cat adults. It takes place during the day at Playland and includes rides, games, a candy scavenger hunt, and other surprises along the way! Costumes are welcomed and encouraged.

Three of the haunted houses will be open, but the monsters will be resting (reducing the chance of scares)…

Try not to scream and wake them up… they need their rest for Fright Nights.


Admission for all ages: $31.50 (includes taxes and fees)*

Admission includes rides (listed below), access to 3 Haunted Houses** (Haunted Mansion, Fear, and Materia Medica with no actors in them) and a candy scavenger hunt.


*Kids 3 and younger are free with adult accompaniment.

**Haunted Houses recommended for ages 13+


Candy Scavenger Hunt

Playland will be decorated with Halloween-themed props in a style that can be described as “Candyland meets Tim Burton”.

Guests are encouraged to wear costumes and participate in our trick-or-treating scavenger hunt. There will be 10 stops throughout Playland.

You can either look around Playland with your search party, or go on the adventure to find the candy huts with our guides.

Trick or treating bags will be provided for those who haven’t brought their own. For those guests who want to do the guided tour of the candy huts, please meet at the stage near Rock-n-Cars.

Thrills for the whole family

The following rides are included during Tricks & Treats:

► Atmosfear
► Balloon Explorers
► Beast
► Cap’N KC
► Choppers
► Cool Cruzers
► Dizzy Drop
► Flutterbye
► Gladiator
► Hellevator
► Honeybee Express
► Kettle Creek Mine Coaster
► Merry-Go-Round
► Pacific Adventure Golf
► Pirate Ship
► Rock-N-Cars
► Sea-to-Sky Swinger
► Tea Cups
► Westcoast Wheel
► Wooden Roller Coaster


Individual rides may close due to maintenance or weather related matters.

Come Hungry!

In addition to all the usual delicious food at Triple O’s, Pizza Pizza, Buen Gusto, Coaster Dogs, FunDunkers, What the Fudge, POP, and Treat Thyself, Playland will be offering a number of fangtastic seasonal items…

Feature Foods