California Sushi Bake

Prepared on September 1.

Prepare yourself this delicious California sushi bake as an exciting addition to your day.

Preparation time: ?

Cook time: ?

Difficulty level: 1

Servings: 6


1lb Imitation Crab
1.5-2 tbsp Sriracha
3 oz Cream cheese
3/4 c Kewpie Mayo
2 tsp Soy Sauce
2 green onion
Sesame Seeds, Kewpie Mayo, Sriracha, green onion, panko breadcrumbs for garnish
2 cup sushi rice
Sushi rice seasoning
Soy sauce
thinkly sliced cucumber
thinly sliced Avocado
Nori (seaweed sheets)


1. Make rice according to package
2. Once rice is done cooking, add sushi seasoning according to package and furikake while it is hot and mix. set aside
3. Shred imitation crab
4. Add Cream cheese, kewpie mayo, soy sauce and cream cheese to the shredded imitation crab and mix thoroughly
5. in your baking dish, lay down half of the sushi rice and cover with Furikake
6. layer the imitation crab mixture on top
7. cover with furikake
8. Drizzle kewpie mayo and sriracha on top. Sprinkle panko breadcrumbs lightly on top
9. Broil for 15 mins
10. Let cool slightly and garnish with sesame seeds and green onions
11. To eat, put a spoonful of both layers onto a sheet of nori like a taco and top with a thin slice of avocado and cucumber. Dip in soy and wasabi if desired