PNE Amphitheatre

The New PNE Amphitheatre

The PNE is building a new, state-of-the-art outdoor Amphitheatre with a capacity of approximately 10,000. Nestled in the ‘Heart of the Park’ with stunning panoramic views of the North Shore mountains, this world-class open-air venue will provide much needed mixed-use venue space for top-tier concerts, arts and culture programming, community events, sports events, and more.


High demand, year-round, flexible-use venue

  •  Maximum capacity of approx. 10,000
  •  Estimated annual attendance 340,000+
  • Projected 75+ performances per year
    • 24 Commercial Shows
    • 22 Community, Arts, and Culture Shows
    • 14 Corporate Shows
    • 15 PNE Fair Shows (Summer Night Concerts)
  • Covered seating and best-in-class amenities including accessible washroom facilities, merchandise sales, food and beverage concessions, digital signage, and seamless Wi-Fi.
  • Hospitality suites, banquet / lounge space, common areas, and fully integrated premium catering options
  • Province-wide engagement; opportunity to showcase BC products, suppliers, expertise, and core industries
  • Spectacular venue design incorporates daylighted stream, native greenery, and stunning natural vistas
  • Sustainable products and design; built to Passive Haus, LEED, and
    Salmon-Safe certification standards
  • One of the largest free-span timber roof structure in the world

Timeline and Construction Updates

As of July 2024 

Miller Drive 

  • Miller Drive currently allows for one way alternating traffic controlled by a traffic light at either end.
  • A dedicated cyclist and pedestrian lane is being maintained south of the roadway in affected area. Should construction works necessitate temporarily disabling the pedestrian lane, cyclists and pedestrians will be redirected along the road when traffic control personnel are onsite and it is safe to do so, or through alternative routes through, or around, the park.
  • A possible closure of Miller Drive may be required in the Fall/Winter of 2024, with exact dates to be communicated in advance here.
  • Miller Drive water main and sanitary upgrade work is beginning in July and will continue through the fall.

Site Preparation

  • Excavation and shoring for buttress foundations is underway through to September.

Tower Cranes

  • The arrival and installation of the first tower crane, which will be located on the northwest corner of the construction site, takes place August 12 to 16. The crane will be visible far and wide.



Partnership Opportunities

  • Primary Entitlement (aka. Venue Naming Rights)
  • Main Stage
  • Premium Seating Area(s)
  • Club Seating Area(s)
  • Viewing Platform(s)
  • VIP / Hospitality Area(s)
  • General Seating Area(s)
  • Food and Beverage Area(s)
  • Other TBD


“The crown jewel of the PNE and Hastings Park, the new PNE Amphitheatre will enable us to showcase and celebrate BC’s talent, diversity, and enthusiasm for live events.” Shelley Frost – President & CEO, Pacific National Exhibition

“The PNE Amphitheatre is an important economic and cultural stimulus project that meets the identified critical void of a lack of performance space in Vancouver.” Councillor Sarah Kirby-Yung – Chair, PNE-Hastings Park Board of Directors

“A highly anticipated and much-needed venue for Metro Vancouver’s emerging music, arts, and culture scene.” Alvaro Prol – Owner, This is Blueprint

Sponsorship Eligibility

The following types of Sponsors are not eligible for Sponsorships:

  1. parties that are disqualified from doing business with the PNE due to ongoing litigation or prior litigation,
  2. parties (or any of their known affiliates) known to have previously violated any
    1. policy of the PNE in any way,
    2. any criminal law
    3. the BC Human Rights Code, or
    4. any other laws of Canada,
      • such violation is considered by the Sponsorship Review Group to be of a minor nature and not prejudicial to the PNE’s and the public interest (for example a minor parking violation)
  3. parties that are registered as local elector organizations, political parties, religious organizations, or public advocacy groups.

Any person or party that engages in the following business is ineligible to be a Sponsor:

  1. manufacturing of armaments and weapons, or
  2. producing and selling pornography, or illegal sexual services, or
  3. any other categories as reasonably determined by the PNE VP Sales, Marketing & Business Development.