PNE Forum

The PNE Forum is a flexible multi-purpose facility of over 44,000 square feet, very popular for commercial shoots due to its 60-foot ceiling (at peak), clear span and ample parking adjacent. The venue is flexible for open space and shoots requiring rigging.

It can be utilized in it entirety or separated into two sections of approximately 22,000 square feet by sliding wall dividers. The building offers multiple dressing rooms to double as storage spaces, break rooms and extras holding.


Base Specifications
Clear Floor Area: 44,579 sq feet
Floor Surface: Concrete
West Loading Entrance: 12'6" w x 18' h
Floor to Beams: 40'
Floor to Peak: 60'

Services Available

  • Shutters can be installed to block the windows from light — $770.00 for install/reinstall.
  • Tie-ins:
    • 2 x 400 Amp (3 phase)
    • 1 x 200 amp (3 phase)
    • 2 x 100 am (3 phase)
  • 400 amp = $400.00 per day, 200 amp = $200.00 per day, 100 amp =$100.00 per day.

Note: No drilling into floor is permitted

Load Points

  • 4,000 lb point load x 7 points

Floor Plan