Parking Lots

PNE has a variety of parking lots available during your shoot or for your production team and catering.

Due to the difference in clean up and security, rates differ for strictly parking or for a film shoot in a parking lot.


Parking Rental Rates

Daily Parking Rate/Storage Area $1,000
Lot 9C at Gate 11 (east of Playland) $575
Daily Filming Rate $1,725

Lots Available

  • Amphitheatre lot
  • Lot 6
  • Lot 7
  • Lot 8
  • Lot 9B East
  • Lot 9B West
  • Lot 9C
  • Lot 12
  • Lot 16
  • Empire Fields Lot – Please contract Vancouver Park Board

Services Available

Amphitheatre: Access to water and power. Please discuss with Manager, Film Sales — 200 AMP/100 AMP tie ins. $100.00 per day for the 100 AMP and $200.00 per day per 200 AMP

Water Service stations for water trucks: Please discuss with Manager, Film Sales — Charges will apply




  • Spiking of stakes into the ground is NOT PERMITTED anywhere on the PNE site. If pegs are found a charge of $1,000 will be applied.
  • Occupant will be liable for any damages or alterations to PNE property. Occupant must notify PNE of any damage that
    has occurred.
  • All cancellations 48 hours prior to reservation are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • PNE Security staff will block off lots for move in. No charge.
  • Mandatory speed limit is 30k/hr

Pacific National Exhibition’s objective of providing a safe, healthy, secure environment for all staff, clients and visitors to the site is top priority. Compliance with the Worker’s Compensation Act, WHMIS, ACTSAFE and related legislation is the minimum standard acceptable.

Keep your crew safe with free and subsidized health and safety resources (ActSafe)