Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Item Price Notes
Urn of Freshly Brewed Coffee $41.00 Approximately 20 cups.
Cambro of Freshly Brewed Coffee $100.00 Approximately 50 cups.
Hot Water with Assorted Herbal Tea $1.50 Per tea bag.
Hot Chocolate $2.00 Per package.
Cambro of Hot Chocolate $110.00 Approximately 50 cups.
Can of Pop $2.50 Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, ginger ale. price for each.
Juice, bottled $3.75 Orange, apple, cranberry.
Juice, 5L $30 Orange, apple, cranberry. Serves 15.
Juice, 10L $60 Orange, apple, cranberry. Serves 30.
Bottled Water $3.50
Sparkling water $4.00
Coconut water $4.50
Tomato juice $2.50
Happy Planet Fruit Smoothies $6.00
Juice bar $6.00 Price per person, minimum 25 people. juicer, fresh seasonal fruit & vegetables – hosted or self-serve.
Hot Chocolate Bar $5.00 Price per person, minimum 25 people. Candy canes, mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, sprinkles whipped cream, cinnamon shaker, sea saltshaker.
Caesar Bar $8.00 Price per person, minimum 25 people. Vodka, clamato, assorted hot sauces, bacon, celery, lemons, limes, spicy beans, pickles, olives, pepperoni.

Alcoholic Beverages - Beer


Item Price Notes
Domestic Beer $7.50
Craft Beer $8.00
Premium Beer $8.50
Non-Alcoholic Beer $4.00


Alcoholic Beverages - Wine, Spirits, Ciders & Coolers


Item Cost Notes
Wine, glass $7.00 House Red or White.
Wine, bottle $30.00 House Red or White.
Spirits, single $7.50
Spirits, double $10.50
Ciders & Coolers $8.00 Each.

*excludes tax and 18% service charge. For a full list of wine by the bottle, available champagne, and seasonal varieties, please ask your catering contact.



Bar Policies

A minimum of $750.00 (per bar) in sales must be generated for any cash or host bar during the first 4-hour period. For each additional hour of service, a minimum of $175.00 (per bar) in sales must occur. Should these amounts not be reached the client will be billed for the difference between what was sold, and the minimum required.

In accordance with BC liquor laws, all alcoholic beverages consumed in licensed areas must be purchased by the PNE through the BC Liquor Distribution Board. Liquor service is not permitted after 1:00 am (12:00am on Sunday and holidays). Only alcohol provided by the Food and Beverage department may be consumed on premises. At its discretion, the Food and Beverage department reserves the right to revoke liquor service to those parties violating house policies

Hosted Bar

The host agrees to pay for drinks according to their individual prices and based on consumption.

Cash-Less Bar

Guests purchase individual drinks that they order at the bar. The PNE is now cashless and will accept all major credit cards, debit cards, and mobile wallets

Ticketed Bar

Guests are provided with drink tickets. The host agrees to pay for all tickets redeemed at the bar according to the price of each drink. Any drinks ordered without a drink ticket will be charged individually to the guest, as per our cash-less bar.

Subsidized Bar Package

Your guests pay a set price per beverage, and the host pays the balance. For example: Toonie Bar.

Please see our Catering Guidelines & Policies for complete list of minimums and bar policies.