2023 PNE Fair By The Numbers

Thank you for ending your summer at the 2023 PNE Fair! We collected all the numbers from the year’s Fair and put together a list of interesting statistics below. Check it out!



2240 – number of local performers sharing their talents in the Cultural Showcase

1,400 – number of hours of rehearsal for PNE shows by cast members

417 – broken lances in the Knights of Valour show

82 – feet, highest diving plank in the High Dive show

10 – feet, depth of water in the High Dive tank

264 – hours spent working on the canoe carvings at Canoe Cultures


40,000 – Slushies sold by Slush Zone

22,500 – water bottles filled at Metro Vancouver Water Station

20,000 – pounds of locally grown potatoes used in the Jimmy’s Lunch food booth

12,000 – Number of spiralled potato sticks sold at Tornado Potato

10,200 – Number of corn cobs sold at Roasted Revolution

112,000 – Number of “Coaster Crush” beers sold (special edition beer by Parallel 49 Brewing honouring the 65th birthday of the Playland Wooden Coaster)

6,000 – Number of racks of ribs sold at Prairie Smoke and Spice BBQ


65 – age of the Playland Wooden Coaster

120,000 – moles whacked at Whac-A-Mole

184,000 seconds (3067 mins) – time players hung on the bar at the Hang Time game

8,600 – baskets made at the basketball games

315,000 – rings tossed at the Ring Toss game

275,000+ – number of prizes awarded on the midway during the Fair


266 – total participants in the 4-H Festival

70 – members who participated in the 4-H auction

$296,326 – total sales for the 4-H auction

201 – number of chicks born at the Fair

87 – number of pounds gained by the piglets during the Fair

15 – 30-yard dumpster loads of dung taken away from the livestock barns

170 – number of bales of hay eaten by the animals during the Fair

352 – number of animals on display at the Fair

87,000 – archery bows shot

4,800 – number of pony rides

93,600 – number of feet ran by the pigs in Pig Races

PNE Prize Home

$2.3 million – value of the Prize Home Grand Prize package

500 – average number of times per day a PNE Prize Home ticket seller calls out “Win a house, Win a car”

89 – years of the PNE Prize Home – the oldest charitable lottery in BC

General Fair

11,000 – number of guests who rode the brand new PNE Express Train

14,000+ – frames of PNE images taken by the PNE photography team

20,000 – number of guests who got scared in the PNE haunted houses

Looking to keep the fun going? Join us for Fright Nights or the Winter Fair Presented By BCAA!