PNE Fair - Vendor Application Info and Forms


Thank you for your interest in being an Exhibitor at the 2023 PNE Fair.

Official dates for the 2023 PNE Fair are August 19 – September 4, 2023.

There are 5 Ways to participate in our Fair Exhibit Sales Program:

  • The Market: An indoor shopping hub, featuring a wide variety of products and services.
  • Taste Showcase: NEW! The Taste Showcase will include a cooking stage featuring local culinary talent, daily programming, and vendor booths selling specialty food goods and kitchen accessories.
  • Outdoor Food Vendor: It’s not a Fair without the food! Join over 70+ food vendors and a part of our 113th Fair Food Experience.
  • Outdoor Products & Services Vendor: Be a part of the sights and sounds of the Fair by showcasing your products/services on our Fairgrounds.
  • Outdoor Pop-Up Market Hut: NEW! Our Pop-Up Market huts give new and upcoming vendors the opportunity to sell at our Fair for a limited 8 or 7 day engagement in our PNE Vendor Huts.

Be a Part of the Taste Showcase

The Taste Showcase will include a cooking stage featuring local culinary talent, daily programming, and vendor booths selling specialty food goods and kitchen accessories.

Who should participate (exhibitor opportunities)?

  • Specialty and gourmet foods
  • Artisanal products
  • Grocers and specialty markets
  • Culinary travel destinations
  • Restaurants and caterers

Why be a vendor at the Taste Showcase?

  1. This is the largest ticketed event in BC. Your business will get exposure to an extensive audience that spans over a unique demographic from all walks of life.
  2. The Taste Showcase will highlight Local BC Food products at BC’s Fair.
  3. This is a programmed building, featuring a robust cooking show schedule and nightly music entertainment. This means that everyone visiting your booth is actively looking for food and food-related products.
  4. Opportunity to be part of a Fair tradition. Fair and Food are often thought of together. The new Taste Showcase allows us to showcase local food vendors and products like yourself – products that embody the entrepreneurial spirit of BC.
  5. Grow your community. Be a part of a small business community showcasing. Show off your product at the largest ticketed event in BC.

All applications go through a selection process and Exhibitors will be approved based on a variety of criteria including:

  • Uniqueness and appeal of the product
  • Professionalism
  • Attractive presentation/display
  • Space availability
  • Availability within product category


Advocacy and Non-partisanship

Please note that in the best interest of the experience of our guests, we do not accept applications to exhibit, display or sample onsite from individuals or groups in the following categories:

  • Religious groups promoting any type of faith-based messaging (long term grandfathered partners in this category will be phased out over time)
  • Political groups
  • Special interest advocacy groups (any group that promotes a message the criticizes another individual or organization’s beliefs, policies or behaviours in any way


The PNE Fair Exhibitor Application Process


Please read the PNE Exhibitor Guidebook and information booklets to become familiar with all the best practices and expectations for all PNE Fair Exhibitors. Found here:



When filling out the form, please provide us with an entire product/price list and pictures of your proposed booth setup for the 2023 PNE Fair. If you would like send an attachment, please email to No application will be considered unless a complete product list and pictures are included.

An application is required for each booth you wish to open and operate at the 2023 PNE Fair. The application is for selection consideration only and does NOT constitute a contractual agreement between our organizations; no deposits/fees for your booth space are collected until you have been approved by the PNE Vendor Committee.

Please fill the linked Vendor Information application for the 2023 PNE Fair:

If you have questions, please email



We will contact you should we require any additional information and/or the notice of application status (Yes/No/Waitlisted) within 30 days of your application submission date.