Voting on the Freedom Mobile venue* Name is Now Closed

Update: Stay tuned for the naming announcement.

On May 24, 2024, the PNE announced that we have selected Freedom Mobile as our naming rights partner for our new venue (formerly known as the PNE Amphitheatre). Together with our new partner, we invited the public to vote for their favourite name from these 4 options:

Freedom Mobile Amp

An energized short form of the legacy amphitheatre, a venue that gets amp’d up by Freedom Mobile for amazing experiences where performances, emotion, and atmosphere are amplified.

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Freedom Mobile Arch

Pays tribute to the unique architecture of the venue itself as the largest free-span timber frame in the world. The roofline and arches are designed and oriented to showcase the spectacular natural beauty of the West Coast.

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Freedom Mobile Rise

A nod to the Hastings-Sunrise community where the venue lives, and a place where amazing performances will have us rising out of our seats.

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Freedom Mobile Place

As a gathering spot, a communal place to have fun, sing, dance, celebrate, and make long-lasting memories together.

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The poll is closed.

*The PNE and Freedom Mobile reserve the right to select the final name, which may not be one of the choices above

The Freedom Mobile name and logos and other words, titles, phrases, marks, logos, icons, graphics are trademarks of, or used under license by, Freedom Mobile Inc. All rights reserved.


To learn more about Freedom Mobile, visit

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