BC Youth in Agriculture

The BC Youth in Agriculture Foundation was originally set up by George Norgan in 1959 and until 2004 was called the Norgan Foundation. The BCYA Committee is made up of members from both the Agriculture community and staff of the PNE who work together to facilitate the foundation. The board of BCYA feels strongly about supporting programs to enhance options available to youth who choose to pursue education or careers in Agriculture.  The foundation provides support annually through the following avenues:

BCYA Grant Program
Non profit organizations are able to apply for funding to aid in initiatives involving youth in agriculture. The Foundation supports development of leadership in agriculture, strengthening of our communities, and agriculture education. Grants can be submitted year round and are reviewed and awarded quarterly. To apply for a grant, complete the BCYA enclose copies of the project budget and project timeline and mail, fax or email your package back to the PNE as outlined in the application form.

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4-H Scholarship Program
Two $2000 scholarships are awarded annually to outstanding British Columbia 4-H Members. The Foundation’s 4-H Scholarships are awarded through the BC 4-H Scholarship opportunities for member pursuing post secondary education in any field of study. Applications can be found on the 4-H BC Website here . Application deadline for 2023 is June 15th.

Ian Paton Sr. Memorial Scholarship
One $2000 scholarship will be awarded annually in memory of Ian Paton Sr. and his contribution to the 4-H program in BC. This scholarship will be awarded to a student pursuing post-secondary education in Agriculture and who has a background in agriculture. To apply for the scholarship, complete the BCYA Application Form, enclose copies your grade 12 and post-secondary transcripts, references and mail, fax or email your package back to the PNE as outlined in the application form. Application deadline for 2024 is May 15th.

Our youth are important

Youth are the cornerstone for future leaders in our agricultural communities. They are working towards solutions for improving agriculture, increasing and bettering production and enriching rural life.

Support is required to help our youth successfully meet the challenges of their own futures and the future of our agricultural communities.

Planning for the future

The BCYAF is continually planning for the future to ensure the legacy of the foundation carries on. Currently an annual Charity Agriculture Auction is held at the Fair at the PNE in late August or early September with proceeds going directly to the foundation and in turn to BC youth. In addition to the Agriculture Auction, the foundation also continually accepts gifts and bequests, which can be made by contacting the Foundation.