Pacific Coliseum

The Pacific Coliseum is the largest building within the Hastings Park complex and provides a magnificent setting for large arena shots, concert scenes, boxing, hallways, corridors and banquet room.

Find out how A Million Little Things was filmed at the Pacific Coliseum here.


Base Specifications
Arena Floor: (no ice and seats retracted) 56,825 sq feet
Permanent Seating: 15,713
Upper Level: 37, 500 sq feet
North Loading Entrance: 20' w x 17'5" h
Floor to Beams: 69'
Floor to Score Clock: 50'
Load Ins
Area: 50' x 60'
Door size: 20'0"w x 17'5"h
# of trucks allowed in bay: 2
Dock/ Bay: Bay, ramp down from trucks
Push distance to stage: 30'
Fire lane required: 14ft
Case storage areas: 30' x 100'
Misc. load in area notes: voms available, secondary load in bay (F&B service door 16'0"w x 15'8"h

Services Available

  • 400 & 200 amp available tie ins ($400.00 per day for the 400 AMP, $200 per day for the 200 AMP)
  • Stage Set up-basic — $2,500.00 for in/out depending on OT rates etc.
  • Concert, Ice Skating, Boxing (without ring Set Ups available)
  • IATSE 118 Rigging crew required — rates vary and include payroll benefits and an administration fee.


  • No drilling into floors/ceiling

Floor Plan