Filming in Playland

Playland is a local icon in British Columbia and has been featured in dozens of movie, TV and other film productions over the years.

How The Rates Work

Playland is different than other locations on the PNE site because it is constantly changing. Throughout the year, the park is either open and active, or busy with the preparation for the opening and closing of each season. There are many elements to Playland which means filming can take up several footprints.

The Playland Rate Card Package is designed to help you decide on the size, budget and scope of your shoot before a contract is drawn up.

The daily rate is for access inside the park however use of any rides, games or booths is additional as outlined below.

A 10% administration fee is applied to all charges and is additional to the fees and rates outlined in this package.

Rides and attractions occasionally need repair or maintenance and may become unavailable unexpectedly.

Filming Rental Rates
December-March: $5,000 daily
April-November: $7,500 daily

Watch this 2019 commercial for Cadillac featuring Playland