Playland Season Pass Registration

Thank you for purchasing a 2023 Playland Season Pass!  The 2023 Playland Season Pass offers unlimited entries to the park, unlimited rides, 10% off food and games, along with special offers and presale opportunities. Enjoy epic fun all summer long! Please register your pass below to receive your Season Pass card.

If you bought multiple passes, please fill out the form as many times as necessary to fill all your spots.

The mail-out deadline has passed. Please note, it takes 21 days for cards to be printed. If you would like to pickup your card on July 1, please fill out the form by June 6.

If you would like to use your pass before you receive your card (which is highly encouraged) please contact the TicketLeader team and we will issue a single day pass.

Please add a photo for each pass member.

Once you have filled out the form for the first pass member, please refresh this page and fill it out again for all additional pass-holders in your group.

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