Winter Fair Itineraries


We at the PNE know that know planning the perfect day is hard, which is why we put together these perfect itineraries. No matter who you’re there with, these guided recommendations will help you have a magical night that you’ll remember forever.


Of course, there’s so much to do that we don’t recommend being too rigid. Let the magic of the holidays steer your way. In addition to all the fun entertainment, you won’t want to miss our stilt walkers, jugglers and a chance to meet KC Bear!


So here are our tips for how to make the most of your time with us.


  • Are You Here With Kids?
    If you’re bringing kids along, you’ll want to make the most of both active time and rest before the little ones get tuckered out. Plan to arrive early so you can see everything and still get home on time.


    Here’s what we would do if we were bringing children along for the fun:


    4:00 PM: Arrive promptly and wander through the light displays. Hit up Candy Cane Lane and get pictures inside the houses.


    5:00 PM: Get in line for Ice Skating! You can rent skates for $7 or bring your own and skate for free. You’ll love the enchanting Tim Hortons Rink, which is lit up with lights and other festive decor. Your little ones can glide effortlessly through the light tunnel on a penguin if they need a little extra confidence!


    5:30 PM: Grab something to eat! There’s an hour before Nutcracker on Ice starts, so this is the perfect time to get some delicious food. With 9 vendors to choose from, we know you’ll find something you love. After eating, you can grab a hot beverage and go wander through WinterLights presented by BC Hydro. But don’t take too long, because you won’t want to miss what’s coming next!


    6:30 PM: It’s time for Nutcracker on Ice! This is the perfect way to digest and rest. Settle in!

    7:30 PM: We know it feels like you just watched Nutcracker on Ice, but it’s time for The Magic of Santa! This adorable show has a jolly and lively cast of characters that will wake you up and get you ready for our next activity which is – you guessed it – meeting Santa!


    8:00 PM: It’s time to meet Santa! Head on over to Discover Santa! We didn’t want to make things easy on you, which is why he’s hiding. But don’t worry, your kids will have fun along the way.  Once you finally find him (where is he?) your kids will be full of food, fun, and festive feelings.

    8:30 PM: All aboard! Grab a final snack (we have doughnuts!) enjoy the lights one last time, and hop on the PNE Holiday Express. Your night of magic is over – but the memories will last a lifetime.

  • Are You Here With Friends?


    5:00 PM: Skip the gate crashers and show up just a little later. The first thing you’ll want to do is take a spin at skating  on the Tim Hortons Rink, so head on over to the Agrodome.



    5:45 PM: It’s time to do some shopping! Head to our festive holiday market. Here you can shop for gifts for your parents, your partner, or yourself!


    After shopping, you can play some midway games (who’s ready for Whac-A-Mole?) and then go get something to eat.


    Check out who’s going to be on site so you can start planning where to eat.



    7:00 PM: Has everyone eaten? Perfect! Because it’s time to bundle up and get some hot chocolate, mulled wine, or hot apple cider and go check out the magical light displays at Winterlights presented by BC Hydro. Yes, that hot beverage IS important – we all know nights in Vancouver are chilly!


    Take some photos, have some fun and walk off that dinner because soon enough it’s time for some live entertainment.



    8:45PM: Here’s a bit of a choose your own adventure: do you head to the Winter Chalet to see one of our special guests for some live music? Or do you want to go to the Pacific Coliseum to be dazzled by Nutcracker on Ice? It’s all up to you, but whatever you choose just make sure you enjoy yourself.


    Our Winter Chalet performances and Nutcracker on Ice both happen twice nightly. You can see performances at:
    • Nutcracker on Ice: 6:30 PM, 8:45PM
    • Winter Chalet Showtimes: 7:45 PM, 8:45PM



    9:30PM: It’s nearly time to say good night. You can go for another wander through the lights (we know you can get that perfect photo by the swans!). This could also be a good time to hop on the PNE Holiday Express for a little more festive fun or grab a final gift.


  • Is It a Date Night?


    There’s nothing more romantic than bundling up, eating delicious food, and wandering through light displays. We know you’ll have a wonderful time on your date night.


    5:00 PM: Arrive a little later and head straight to the the beverage stands. It’s your choice: hot chocolate, mulled wine, apple cider? Whatever you choose, it’ll be your best friend while you check out these displays. Take your time and get some perfect photos that you can treasure for years to come.



    5:45 PM: Now that you’ve wandered through the lights (don’t forget to snap a photo by the kissing swans!), we recommend doing a little holiday shopping. Maybe you can even sneakily buy a gift for your date while you’re at it!



    6:30 PM: It’s time for Nutcracker on Ice. This spectacular ice show is the best way to warm up and get ready for some delicious treats. And don’t worry, it’s only 30 minutes so you won’t miss out on any of the other wonderful entertainment.



    Nutcracker on Ice happens twice nightly at 6:30 PM and 7:45 PM.


    7:00 PM: It’s time to get dinner! With 9 different food trucks to choose from, you’re sure to find something you love.



    8:00 PM: Head to the Agrodome for Ice Skating and Ice Bumper Cars! Okay, yes: Bumper Cars aren’t known to be the most romantic activity. But we promise you’ll love it! And after, you can try skating together.


    9:00 PM: Once you’re finished skating,  bundle up and head back outside. Now is the time to check out some of our stilt walkers, hop on the PNE Holiday Express, do a little more shopping, challenge each other to a game of Whac-a-Mole or even take another spin through Winter Lights presented by BC Hydro.



  • Are You Here Alone?


    Honestly, we talked about it. And if we were going alone we’d just pack in as much as possible!


    4:00 PM (yup, you’re gate crashing!): Head to the Agrodome for Ice Bumper Cars! Or, if skating is more your thing, you can do that as well (or instead, no judgement).


    4:50 PM: Have you skated? Have you bumped into hapless strangers and laughed so hard you cried a little? Were you impressed by Sparkle in the Night? Perfect. It’s time to move on.



    Bundle up and head outside for a walk through the lights. The sun has set and the lights are magical, and we know you’ll want to enjoy it before too many crowds arrive. We recommend pairing a walk through WinterLights presented by BC Hydro with a hot beverage of your choice (mulled wine? Hot chocolate? Hot apple cider? You decide).


    5:20 PM: After your walk, it’ll be time to get something to eat before heading inside for Nutcracker on Ice. With 9 delicious food trucks to choose from, you can’t go wrong!


    5:55 PM: Get to the Pacific Coliseum, your show is about to start! Nutcracker on Ice is about to become your favourite new winter show.


    7:00 PM: It’s time for some live music. You can head to the Winter Chalet to enjoy a drink, join a group at a table, make some friends and sing along to holiday classics. This is the perfect way to truly indulge in some holiday magic.



    Showtimes: 5:30 PM, 7:00 PM, 7:45 PM, 8:45 PM


    9:30 PM: It’s about time to say good night. Find the final few things you missed (maybe it’s time to ride the PNE Holiday Express?) and then get ready to go home full of good food, festive joy, and a ton of happy memories.