Do you have accessible seating?


Do you have disabled washrooms and where are they located?

Disabled access is provided at the midway games line location only.

Is there a smoking area while attending an event at the Pacific Coliseum?

In accordance to the Vancouver City Health bylaw we are a non-smoking facility. As of November 1, 2012 the Pacific Coliseum is a non-smoking venue with no smoking areas available outside.

Do you provide baby change areas?

Restrooms with baby change tables are located at the west side of Triple O’s restaurant and the north end of the midway games line near Baskin-Robbins.

Where are the locations of your cash machines?

We have up to six ATM machines. They are located near sections R, Y, Z, J and C and near the First Aid office.

Do you have on-site parking for events?

The PNE has over 3,000 on-site spaces for parking. Prices vary depending on the event. We have over 150 on-site disable parking spaces located at Gate #6.

Who do I contact if I have lost or found an item at the Pacific Coliseum?

Call 604-251-7717 for lost and found items, Monday through Friday, 9 am – 5 pm or email lostandfound@pne.ca.

Are we allowed to bring our cameras into the building?

Cameras are permitted for hockey only. Flash photography is NOT allowed. During all other concerts or events please check your tickets or the events section of our website.

What time do doors open for events?

The doors open one hour prior to the start of the event. (For example: if a concert starts at 8:30 pm the doors will open at 7:30 pm.)

How can I rent the building for an event?

Call the Group Sales department at 604-252-3663 for information.

How can I rent a suite?

Call the Group Sales department at 604-252-3663 for information.

Can I rent the ice?

The Pacific Coliseum and Agrodome ice can be rented out for groups of 50 to 200 people, making it great for corporate outings, hockey games and private parties. Call the Group Sales department at 604-252-3663.

Food and Beverage

Can I use my charge card at the concessions?

The following locations accept cash, credit and debit: Pizza Pizza, Triple O’s, East and West Hotdog stands, all bars on the upper concourse. All other concessions only accept cash.

Do you permit outside food or drink?

The PNE reviews the security protocol for each event, based on a number of factors. These factors change on an event by event basis. Guests should be aware that any number of items, including outside food and drink items like pop and gum, can be subject to security protocol including search and potential confiscation if warranted. Please refer to your ticketholder information email for food and drink restrictions.

What is your Cannabis policy?

What is the PNE’s official policy on smoking recreational cannabis in the public park areas at Hastings Park?

Hastings Park/PNE is a non-smoking open space and in alignment with city wide public parks, guests are not permitted to smoke or vape tobacco or cannabis products while visiting our open park spaces.

What is the PNE’s official policy on guest use of recreational cannabis at events held at the PNE?

Guests are not permitted to bring into PNE events, any substances that cause intoxication or impairment, including alcohol and cannabis. The only exceptions are with prescribed medication.

What is the PNE’s official policy on medical cannabis for guests at the PNE?

If a guest has legitimate medical documentation for their cannabis, the PNE acknowledges the guests right to possess and use medical cannabis and will allow entry. If the guest is also in possession of smoking paraphernalia such as rolling papers, pipe, and/or vaporizer they must be informed that smoking cannabis is prohibited in any public spaces at Hastings Park and within all PNE events. The guest will not be asked to dispose of medical cannabis before being allowed entrance into our site.

Guests may only use medical cannabis in the form of oils and capsules on our site.

While “in-and-outs” are generally prohibited for most events, where a guest requests an accommodation to leave a PNE event for the purposes of using medical cannabis and return, the appropriate Event Manager, Duty Manager or Public Safety Manager will make the necessary arrangements. The guest must have verifiable Health Canada documentation in order to have an “in-and-out” arrangement authorized. Compassion club and dispensary cards will not be considered acceptable medical documentation.”

What is considered “legitimate” documentation for medical cannabis?

Proof that the cannabis is for medical purposes will either be:

  1. On the label on the packaging of the cannabis.
  2. On a separate document that would have accompanied the person’s shipment of cannabisfrom the licensed producer.
  3. On a document that proves the individual is registered with Health Canada to produce a limited amount of cannabis for their own medical purposes or to designate someone to produce cannabis for them.

    Individuals with medical cannabis are advised by Health Canada to keep the cannabis in the original packaging or keep the document that proves it is for medical purposes on them when carrying cannabis. Medical cannabis will either come in the form of the whole flower, ground cannabis or drops, oils or capsules.

    Compassion club and dispensary cards will not be considered acceptable medical documentation.


Ticketing Fees - Service & Facility Fees

All tickets purchased include a facility fee and a service fee. Below is a brief breakdown of what these fees cover.

Facility fee: this fee will cover the expenses for the venue where you will be enjoying your event.

Service and processing fees: These cover the cost associated with selling the tickets, whether online, over the phone or at the box office. i.e. staff involved with prepping and maintaining our websites for purchases online, answering phones, emails, managing aspects of the box office on the day of the show as well as the brick-and-mortar expenses.

Service and processing fees are charged on each order and ticket. These fees vary by event based on our agreement with each individual client.

What time does the Pacific Coliseum Ticket Leader box office open?

The TicketLeader Box Office, is located on the south side of the Pacific Coliseum on Renfrew St. For ticketed events, the Box Office opens 2 hours prior to the event start time, the Box Office is closed otherwise. Tickets can also be purchased online at www.ticketleader.ca or by phone at 604-252-3700. The call centre is open Monday-Friday 9:30am-5pm, Saturday 10am-4pm and Sunday from 12pm-4pm.