FAQ - Recruitment

How do I refer a friend/family for a job at the PNE?

When they apply for a job from our careers page, the job application process includes a question that asks the applicant how they heard about us. From there, they will need to select “Employee Referral” as the source, and then input your full name in the “Please specify” comment box.

How old do I have to be to apply for a summer job at the PNE?

Due to legal requirements, the minimum age for a seasonal job (Playland/Fair) is 15 years old, and some positions will require a minimum age of 16 years old.

I’ve applied, when will I hear back if I’m invited for an interview?

Please complete the interview availability form – note that completing the availability form is not a guaranteed invitation for an interview. We will reach out to you via email if you’re shortlisted. Playland Interview invitations will be going out at the end of March, and June for Fair.

Is there a dress code for the interview?

There is no dress code, we only ask that you present a clean and well-groomed appearance.

Do I need to bring anything to the interview?

You do not need to bring anything with you for the interview. Please ensure that your device’s webcam, microphone, and audio work ahead of time.

What is the SIN and where do I get it?

Please note that you will not be able to work until you’ve provided a valid SIN and any relevant documents, such as a work or study permit. It is crucial to receive all relevant new hire information by the deadlines provided so you can be processed by Payroll accordingly.


FAQ - Payroll

What is my employee number?

Your employee number will be displayed on your employee ID – the first five digits before 901, which you will pick up from Employee Services (ES) on or before your first day of work. If you have any questions regarding your employee number, please contact pnepayroll@pne.ca.

I have to update my mailing address, who should I submit those changes to?

Please submit all contact detail changes including legal name, mailing address, Social Insurance Number, etc., to the Payroll department at pnepayroll@pne.ca

Where can I view my pay statements?

Pay statements can be viewed online through the payroll system, UltiPro. If you have any questions or issues with the log in, please contact Payroll at pnepayroll@pne.ca.

Default Username: your first and last name with no spaces (i.e., johnsmith)

Default Password: Enter your year of birth + 4 zeroes + 5-digit employee ID (i.e., 1999000012345)

You can then view your pay statements through the top left corner Menu > Myself > Pay > Current Pay Statement or Pay History. Pay Statements are viewable by the morning of each pay day if you have worked within that pay period. You can also use the mobile app which you can download through the App Store or Google Play by searching in “UltiPro.”

My UltiPro account is locked. How do I reset the login?

If you have any questions or issues with your UltiPro account/log in, please contact Payroll at pnepayroll@pne.ca.

Where can I view my current vacation/sick days balance?

You can view your time off balance in UltiPro. Please feel free to contact Payroll at pnepayroll@pne.ca for further assistance.

: How can I obtain my T4 slip and/or tax forms from previous years?

Active employees will be able to access their T4 slips in UltiPro (instructions below) by the end of February at the latest. Terminated employees will have theirs mailed out. If you require further assistance regarding your UltiPro account or T4 slip, please kindly email pnepayroll@pne.ca.

UltiPro Instructions for Computer Access:

From the home page of UltiPro, select “Myself” from the left-side menu > scroll down to “Pay” > click into “Year-End Slips” > Click on “T4” for the corresponding year to view and print.

UltiPro Instructions for the Mobile App:

From the home page, click on the “Pay” button > scroll down to “Taxes” > Click on “View all” under the “Year-End Slips” section and select the corresponding year’s T4 slip.

How can I request a Record of Employment (ROE) and/or Employment Verification Check?

You can contact Payroll at pnepayroll@pne.ca to request your ROE and your employment verification letter from hr@pne.ca.

Please note that the employment verification letter can include your employment dates, position(s) worked, hours worked, and suitability for rehire status, but not your performance specifics. If you would like to ask your supervisor/manager to be your reference, please directly request that from them, as we will not be able to forward your reference request.