Seasonal Recruitment Information

Why Work at the PNE?

  • Our mission is to deliver memorable experiences, and we have fun doing it – join us!
  • Playland Season: Base wages start at $17.40/hr with 10% additional pay in lieu of vacation & other benefits, resulting in a total of $19.14/hour.
  • Fair: Base wages start at $17.40/hr with 5% additional pay in lieu of vacation & other benefits, resulting in a total of $18.27/hour.
  • Training and development – learn new skills and gain valuable work experience.
  • Career growth – opportunities for promotions and position transfers.
  • Opportunity to create lasting memories & friendships.
  • Great perks & employee rewards!
    • Employee discounts on passes to Playland, The Fair, and Fright Nights, as well as at all PNE Food Stands!
    • We want to recognize you – gift card rewards available all season long!
    • Enjoy a free evening at Playland with your friends and family during our Employee Family Night!


The PNE provides various employment opportunities on a seasonal basis in order to successfully operate Playland, the PNE Fair, and Fright Nights.

Our peak operation period begins in June with Playland opening and carries through to the end of October with Fright Nights. During this time period we recruit for approximately 1,300 seasonal employees.


Every season we hire approximately 300 Playland employees to join us in providing memorable experiences to our visitors. This is a great opportunity for those who are looking for their first job, and anyone else who is looking to make a memorable summer! Hiring for Playland typically begins in April and continues until May.

The Fair

On an annual basis, we hire approximately 1200 individuals to work during the last two weeks of summer to contribute toward the operation of the Fair at the PNE. We will have a wide offering of roles all the way from Agriculture, Guest Experience, Rides, and more! Fair group interviews are typically held during the month of July, with work available from mid-August to Labour Day Monday.

Fright Nights

Each year, we hire anywhere from 60-100 individuals to work during Fright Nights; typically, these positions are acting positions to help us scare our guests during the operation of Fright Nights! Group interviews for Fright Nights actors/cast members are held in August, and the beginning of September.